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Address Certification

Administrative Plat Process (City of Knoxville)

Administrative Plat Process (Knox County)

The Appeals Process

Assigning Interior Addresses

Assigning Interior Addresses for New or Existing Commercial Buildings

Building Permit/Address Certification Procedure

Child Day Care Centers (City of Knoxville)

Child Day Care Centers (Knox County)

Citizen Input and Participation

General Commercial Park (C-6)

Historic Preservation

Home Occupations (City of Knoxville)

How to Change a Street Name

How to Close a Street or Alley

How to Voice Your Opinion

Knoxville Area Facts and Figures Brochure

Knoxville's One Year Plan

Knoxville Regional Transportation Planning Organization

Naming of Easements

Plan Amendments

Residential Occupancy Standards

The Rezoning Process

Subdivision Regulations

Subdivision Review

Tips for Attending an MPC Meeting/Understanding the MPC Meeting Agenda

Traffic Impact Studies

Working Together: For Developers and Neighborhoods

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Zoning Overlays


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