Knoxville's One Year Plan

Knoxville's One Year Plan provides protection for your property, your neighborhood, and your city.

The One Year Plan (OYP) is based on the land-use goals, objectives, and policies found in such documents as the city's long range Sector Plans and the General Plan. By tying the zoning laws to a comprehensive planning process, you are assured that all proposals for development and change are examined in light of the total welfare of the area.

The Metropolitan Planning Commission and the City Council use the OYP to evaluate individual rezoning requests. Every parcel of land in Knoxville has been assigned a OYP land-use classification. Each classification contains an acceptable range of zones.

For example: ONE YEAR PLAN LAND USE CLASSIFICATION Office (O): Development which is primarily intended for business and professional offices, office parks and public institutional uses. In some cases, areas suitable for office development may also be deemed suitable for medium density residential uses. Zones Permitted: (O-1) Office, Medical & Related Service District, (O-2) Civic and Institutional District, and (O-3) Office Park District. Zones and their permitted uses are outlined in the CITY OF KNOXVILLE ZONING ORDINANCE.

When a requested zoning change does not fall within the acceptable range of zones proposed for the area by the OYP, a plan amendment must be obtained before that zoning may be requested for the property.

For example: A zone change from O-1 to O-2 in a proposed Office area does not require a OYP amendment because both zones fall under the Office land-use classification. A change from O-2 to I-1 in a proposed Office area is not consistent with the OYP and would require a plan amendment from Office to LI Light Industrial because O-2 zoning comes under the Office classification while I-1 industrial zoning is permitted under the Light Industrial classification.

The Metropolitan Planning Commission may recommend City Council approval of OYP amendment requests under the following circumstances:

Updating the OYP

The One Year Plan land use policies form the legal basis for zoning decisions in the City of Knoxville for a 12- month period. OYP amendment proposals from individuals are considered by MPC every January, April, July and October. Applications are submitted to the MPC office along with an application fee. The annual update occurs in April.

Four steps are involved in the annual updating process.

  1. MPC staff review the existing OYP and update its maps to include any annexed areas and plan amendments from the previous year. MPC staff identify areas in which changes may be needed due to new conditions and changing community goals.
  2. MPC planners present proposed plan changes to community residents, business leaders, and property owners at public meetings. The staff also takes this opportunity to receive public suggestions and comments to incorporate in the OYP.
  3. The OYP is placed on MPC's April agenda. The Commissioners conduct a workshop and review the proposals prior to their regular meeting.
  4. The City Charter states that the OYP must be adopted in May. Once adopted by the City Council, it becomes the legal basis for zoning in Knoxville.

General Rezonings

The Charter states that the zoning map must match the One Year Plan. To do this, MPC recommends general rezonings, which are rezonings of one or several parcels initiated by the City Council. Eventually, these rezonings should reconcile the zoning of all property to the One Year Plan. Like the One Year Plan amendments, these general rezonings receive a comprehensive study and the most public input possible to promote public health, safety, and welfare.