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Library and Information Center

With a collection of 9,000 reports and 90 journals, the MPC Library and Information Center can assist in planning, management, and marketing decisions. The Library includes print and digital U.S. Census material and other government data sets on population, housing, employment, construction, and the economy for the five-county metropolitan Knoxville area.

MPC publishes plans, maps, technical reports, and other information resources. Some of these items are products of the agency’s planning work program, while others are prepared in response to specific requests from local government, business, or the general public. MPC-authored reports are available for review in the Library. Many recent publications can be acquired from the agency’s website.

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Staff recently completed the sizeable task of scanning past and current MPC meeting materials, including applications, case reports, and supporting documents for subdivision, rezoning, use on review, and other requests. The records date to 1939 and are available in PDF for reading or printing.

The MPC Library is a participating member of the Greater Knoxville Research Network, which supports exchange of information on local topics. Membership is also held in the American Planning Association, the Urban Land Institute, the National Trust for Historic Preservation, and other organizations which can provide resources otherwise unavailable locally.

To offset the costs of handling, updating, or reproducing Library products, MPC must charge for print copies of many of the items in the collection. Publications posted on the MPC website are available for download at no cost to users.

The MPC Library is located on the fourth floor of the City County Building in downtown Knoxville. It is open to the public each weekday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., and staff is available to respond to walk-in, telephone, or emailed requests.


E-mail comments or questions to: contact@knoxmpc.org

This is not a legal document. It does not replace or amend the existing procedures and regulations governing the publication of agency information. If you have questions, please contact MPC by telephone at (865) 215-2500.