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MPC's annually published brochure is a descriptive text and statistical summary of local physical, social, cultural, government, and economic conditions in the Knoxville area. Downloads are available below or printed copies of the current edition may be obtained by calling 215-2500 or emailing: bryan.berry@knoxmpc.org.

2015 Facts and Figures

2014 Facts and Figures

2013 Facts and Figures

2012 Facts and Figures

2011 Facts and Figures

2010 Facts and Figures

2009 Facts and Figures

2008 Facts and Figures

2007 Facts and Figures

2006 Facts and Figures

2005 Facts and Figures


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This is not a legal document. It does not replace or amend the existing procedures and regulations governing the publication of agency information. If you have questions, please contact MPC by telephone at (865) 215-2500.