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Knoxville Bicycle Trainers

Smart Growth America
Talks Transit

Trainers from a national neighborhood-planning group were in Knoxville last week to conduct a two-day workshop about transit-oriented development (TOD).

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Frequently Asked Questions about Cell Tower Siting

Reliance on personal wireless communications and the increasing number of service providers, have led to a number of applications for new commercial communication towers around the Knoxville area. In most cases, local approval of new towers includes review by MPC staff and approval by the Planning Commission. Recognizing the technical nature of these reviews, local regulations make provisions for an engineering consultant to assist in formulating staff recommendations.

Larry Perry, MPC’s consultant for commercial communications towers review, compiled a list of frequently asked questions about these towers, applicable federal law and the role of local government in their regulation, for a presentation to the Tennessee Chapter of the American Planning Association.

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Other MPC News and Happenings

Planner with Experience in Knoxville and North Carolina Named New Executive Director of MPC

Gerald Green, a professional planner with decades of experience in East Tennessee and North Carolina, has been named the new Executive Director of the Knoxville-Knox County Metropolitan Planning Commission. The City of Knoxville issued a news release on May 4, 2015.

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