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Jim Wakefield
Millennials Drive Demand for Multi-Dwelling Housing Units

The rise of the Millennial generation is poised to change the face of Knox County’s housing mix. As Millennials—people currently 18 to 34 years old—come of age, finish their educations, and leave their parents’ homes, they are driving new demand for multi-dwelling housing units. Read more >>

Downtown Knoxville
Plan for Central City Nearing Completion
Public meeting to review draft Sector Plan set for July 23.

When it comes to planning sectors, the Central City offers some big challenges. The area is home to wide-ranging types of development, like Knoxville’s downtown core, many residential neighborhoods, the majority of the city’s historic resources, and the University of Tennessee campus. Read the article >>

Contacting the Planning Commissioners

MPC is streamlining the process for contacting planning commissioners. With an ever-increasing volume of citizen comments coming in the form of email, we needed a more efficient way of managing and distributing those comments so each planning commissioner receives the same information before each meeting. Beginning on July 14, emails sent to will be automatically sent to every planning commissioner, as well as several staff members. This process simplifies things on both ends of the e-mail: planning commissioners and staff have access to all correspondence in one place and citizens don't have to find email addresses for 15 commissioners. As always, we welcome your feedback as we introduce this new process. Learn more >>

A Guide to Knoxville's African American Heritage

Produced in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, this guide highlights several points of interest that help explain the heritage of Knoxville’s African-American community. Going back to the days when Knoxville became an established river town in the late 1700’s, the images and descriptions show that African-Americans have been an integral part of every-day life in the community from the beginning.

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NEXT MPC MEETING: August 14, 2014

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Central City Sector Plan Update

Northwest City Sector Plan Update

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MPC Schedules Public Meeting to Discuss Small Day Care Services (July 18, 2014)

East City Sector Plan (6-5-2014)

TECHNICAL REPORT: Multi-Dwelling Housing Trends in Knox County, Tennessee (5-19-2014)

Quarterly Summary of MPC Actions: First Quarter 2014 (5-14-2014)