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Historic Preservation: 2013
The City’s Charter, as amended in 2002, requires that an annual report on the state of historic preservation within the City of Knoxville be prepared by the Metropolitan Planning Commission and presented to the City Mayor. The report includes includes the background on the establishment of historic district zoning overlays, Historic Zoning Commission design review records, trends in historic preservation, and recommendations for enhancing the City's historic preservation program. Get the report >>

Design Guidelines Update
Summary of the Design Guidelines Update that is now in progress. Use the link at the end of the page to join the discussion.

Bob Yapp Window Repair Workshop
The window repair information form Mr. Yapp's workshop in now online, as is his biographical information.

Happy Holler Nominated to National Register of Historic Places
The Happy Holler commercial district has been nominated to the National Register of Historic Places for its cultural and historic significance to Knoxville’s early days of development. Get the press release >>

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