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Save or Demolish: How do we Decide which Local Structures are Historic?
A recently refurbished JFG Coffee sign lights a hilltop on the south end of downtown. The antebellum Sherrill House in west Knoxville teeters in serious disrepair after 20 years of neglect, but the structure will soon be saved. Plans for former Baptist Hospital, a riverfront landmark for decades, call for demolition to make way for new investment.

Communities and cultural groups value older structures in very different ways. Some see highly prized historic resources while others see structures of little or no use. How do we decide which older buildings are worthy of preservation and which are not? Read more >>

Architectural Density: New Suburbanism is Undermining Downtown
This Metro Pulse article by Jack Neely laments the loss of historic fabric in the city center.

Design Guidelines Available Online
Need to see the Design Guidelines for your area? Many of them are available for viewing online. If you'd rather have a printed copy, they are all available for purchase from the MPC library; just call 215-2500.

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