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Community Info Meeting for Edgewood-Park City H-1 Expansion
At the request of the Knoxville City Council, the Metropolitan Planning Commission (MPC) has conducted an inventory of properties within the Parkridge neighborhood for a proposed expansion of the existing Edgewood-Park City Historic District H-1 Zoning Overlay. A draft map of potential expanded district boundaries, including ​529 properties, is available here.

The boundaries for the proposed expansion of the district will be discussed at an upcoming meeting sponsored by the MPC. The purpose of this meeting is to answer questions and gather input about the proposed expansion of the historic district.

When: Thursday, January 19th at 6:00 pm
Where: O'Connor Senior Citizen's Center, 611 Winona Street

Within an H-1 Overlay, owner applications for exterior alterations to structures as well as new construction and demolition are reviewed by the Historic Zoning Commission. Designation will help to ensure that planning and zoning decisions ​​ support preservation o​f​ important historic buildings and streetscapes​.​ If you have any questions, or cannot attend the meeting and would like more information, you may email MPC staff at kaye.graybeal@knoxmpc.org or contact MPC staff via phone at (865) 215-3795. There will also be a summary of the presentation and discussion on MPC's website​ the week following the meeting.

Knoxville's Mid-Century Modern Architecture to be Documented
The Knoxville-Knox Metropolitan Planning Commission (MPC) office has received a federal Historic Preservation Fund grant from the Tennessee Historical Commission to update the City's Historic Resource Inventory. The original historic inventory was completed in 1986, but only buildings that were constructed in 1935 or prior were surveyed. The update will focus on buildings constructed between 1935 and 1966.

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2015 Preservation Report to the Mayor
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Preservation of Mid-Century Modern: Letter to the Editor
Many people believe preservation is only about the distant past, but that is not the case. Preservation is also about the future, and for that reason, preservationists must do their best to predict the future in order to protect the places people will value decades or centuries from now.
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Design Guidelines Update
Summary of the Design Guidelines Update that is now in progress. Use the link at the end of the page to join the discussion.



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